Or just "Donk" for short. And if you're starting to find the usual vehicle market a bit monotonous, you may be in luck. The Donk is a one-of-a-kind "armored land cruiser/recreational tank". Designed with versatility in mind, the JL421 can transport cargo or a crew of five internally or on the roof, and can be piloted from within the armored shell or from an exposed standing position through the hatch. With full lighting, 1000 watt sound system, and pyrotechnic effects system including new optional rocket pods. Read More . . .

Pics and Vids
Visit the Gallery/Videos page for the entire selection of full-size Donk pics, and a few videos too.

Need a Donk?
In most cases a JL421 is not a suitable replacement for your regular vehicle, as it is not street legal in most states. But don't let that stop you- fully customizable Donks are available through NAO or on Or if you're willing to settle for the next best thing, Donk t-shirts are available on NAO's products page.

The Donk was designed and built by NAO Design of Palo Alto, California. For more info or a look at our other products, visit


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JL421 Site Launch
April 21, 2006
Nearly 4 years after it's inception, the Donk finally has its own URL. The original page on will remain, but this new site aims to include more and larger photos, a few videos, and more in-depth descriptions. Check back here from time to time for Donk news updates and media.

Donk on Wildboyz
February 3, 2006
Tonight MTV2 airs a new episode of Wildboyz, featuring Steve-O and Chris Pontius testing the limits of the Donk by ramming through pyrotechnically-rigged walls of televisions, aquariums, and home furnishings. This piece was filmed in March 2005 and the Donk survived all the punishment, until a driving error by Pontius caused the crash that crippled the Donk and led to its overhaul and upgrade in the summer of 2005. Heroically, the Donk managed to limp through and complete the final shots without any steering whatsoever.

Monster Garage Donk Segment
November 7, 2005
Tonight at 9/8 central, the Discovery Channel airs a new episode of Monster Garage-Backyard Monsters, featuring the Badonkadonk. This segment was filmed summer 2005 and includes the debut of the Donk's new pyrotechnic system. Discovery channel crews filmed with creator Neal Ormond and Nate "Link" Fitzgerald at NAO headquarters in Palo Alto, and out in the rural pyrotechnic safety of Escalon, CA. Apparently all the commotion caused a bit of a stir for the local residents and livestock.