Specific questions regarding the Donk may be directed to
The JL421 Badonkadonk vehicle and name are trademarks of NAO Design, Palo Alto, CA.
This product was conceived, designed, and produced at NAO in 2002.

Want One?
Custom-built Donks can be ordered through NAO or on for 19,999.95, although you are advised to contact NAO first as there are many options that can affect total cost. Engine, chassis, interior, and lighting, and other elements can vary, and as such Donks are built on an individual basis. Be advised also that this vehicle is not street legal in most areas, and may be a tempting but ill-advised replacement for your regular car . . .

Frequently Asked Questions
Say what?
Is it hovering?
How's it work?
      -Its complicated. See the About page.
Can I buy one?
      -Yes. See above.
Why does this exist?
      -If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

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